[SOLVED] Google Assistant controlling Openhab

Hello, I am trying to control openhab with the Google Assistant and the Google Home application. I have installed both applications and I have also created my account in myopenhab.org, I can see my items in my mobile with the openhab application, when I select openhab in the home control in the Google Home app and I sync it with myopenhab.org, I get the message that I have succesfully linked both and in myopenhab.org I can see in the application menu that is linked with google assistant but I can not see any devices, I can not see any of my items, so when I talk to the google assistant, it makes nothing.

I don’t have the google home speaker bougth, but I thought that I could control openhab with google assistant, I have seen the video tutorials and I make the same but I cant see any devices when I link google home to openhab, could anyone help me please?

Thank you

You´ll have to show your items in here to be able to help you… Remember to use code fence

Ok thank you, solved, It was a space in the tag [“Lighting”], now it is working fine!

mark it solved!