[SOLVED] Google assistant integration OH2 - something went wrong

Hi all,
I have recently added Google Home mini’s to my system.

I add the openhab smart home connection, signin using oauth2 nd Allow the connection. I get the Link was successful web page and then a around a minute or two later I get a pop up saying ‘something went wrong and try again later’.

I have removed all tags other than switchable and lighting; this made no difference.
I have also restarted OH2 after removing the non supported tags (that seems awkward BTW as I require them for Amazon Echo functionality).
However, still no improvement.

Any other ideas?



has anyone got any clues?

I have the same issue. I also removed my tags in an attempt to get this to work but still get the error. Unfortunately a solution has not been forthcoming yet.

As a suggestion to those getting “something went wrong and try again later” or “an error occured while syncing openHAB”, just keep trying.
In my experience, some days I just simply cannot get it to sync and other days it sync’s every time with no problem.

I just exposed some items to myopenhab and I am now getting a different behaviour.

Now I perform the oAuth login and proceed to the Allow/Deny form for google and no matter which I choose I get the following response

  1. That’s an error.
    Your client does not have permission to the requested URL /services/auth/handoffs/auth/complete?state=Cr4CQUJ4dlBiazZCYmR1WmhoSlZCNDdNUF9qU056b0NfQWE3U1Bqb&return_url=chromecast://settings/handoff. That’s all we know.

So 401 is a challenge but I have already passed the oAuth to get to the Allow/Deny form surely?



The 401 error was resolved by clearing my browser cache.
It would seem google are not sending the no cache for the auth request.

After that I hit another wall where It would say I had authenticated and then 30 seconds to a minute later would pop up a error to say something had gone wrong.

This all magically worked when I went from my RPi installation to a linux Virtual Machine install using the same restored configuration. I have therefore put it down to insufficient processing power on the raspberry pi to sync the items to goggle home and it results in a timeout.



HI Everyone

Since I am also experiencing the same issue as “signin using oauth2 nd Allow the connection” .
the message is reflecting as “Account now link” but after some seconds poping as “something went wrong and try again later”

If any one help me /guide me to fix this issue ,I would be very obliged of you.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My advise is

  1. Remove all homekit tags such as Lighting and Switchable, CurrentTemperature, TargetTemperature and Thermostat that you may have configured against your items, leaving one item only with the tag, try starting with the most simplest [“Switchable”].

  2. Clear your browser cache the one that gets launched when you try to link.

  3. Make sure your system running openhab has lots of spare cpu capacity and is responsive. I could not get my complex setup running on my raspberry pi with enough spare cpu capacity to perform the initial sync. Perhaps temporary disable a number of rules/items etc to simplify your setup.

if you tick all the conditions above then give it another shot.

Good luck