[Solved] Google Assistant not working anymore using myopenHAB

Hey guys,

since a few days (I guess 3) I have the problem that my Google Assistent is not able to connect to myopenHAB anymore & now I tried to find out the reason.
The Android App is also not able to connect to the remote server anymore.
myopenHAB.org shows that my server is “Online”.

I hope that someone can help with this.


Already fixed problem


To do that I tried to sign in into myopenHAB over the website but the only thing I got is a page with the text “Forbidden”.

Okay the sign in is fixed now but the connection with the Google Assistant is still not working.
I also tried to remove and add openHAB from my assistant but now I’m not able to add this service anymore.

Error message: “Could not update the setting. Please check your connection.”

I don’t know why but I had to to restart my local openHAB server. This fixed it.

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