[SOLVED] Google assistant sync issue


i just added a TP-Link HS100 smart plug to openhab and it works pretty much out of the box.
Got a switch on my basic ui to test it, all works fine.

But now i want to turn it on/off by voice , so i wanna get this synced to my google device, but it doesnt work.

After reading up it seems myopenhab does not sync anymore for anyone. (for me from 26/7/2019)
I dont add a lot of new items… so i have never noticed :frowning:

Now i wonder… i use in my google home app the service “openhab”.
Is this the same thing or so?
Because nothing new syncs to my google home.

Suppose i can add my TPlink account to google home, but then its not an openhab item anymore.

What would be an alternative?

When i come to think of it… does this also mean i can not sync any new scene anymore either?

thank you

Google/Alexa don’t require publishing items to myOpenHab.

You need to Tag your items so that Google/Alexa know what they are.



Why do people make assumptions without reading the fine documentation (RTFM) written by the developers who KNOW how things work together with OH ???

Thank you so much for your swift reply, was ages ago i installed myopenhab and linked the google service.
So didnt know what was what again.

I tried to copy as much as i could from my old config and thought i still knew…
Seem not… :frowning:

U forced me in reading up on it again.

Was so confused because there are so many artikels from other people where myopenhab stopped, so assumed it could be linked.


For the benefit of future readers, these choices are not mutually exclusive. You can use the TP-Link service to control your HS100 via Google Assistant and also have it as an openHAB item (that doesn’t need to be visible to Google Assistant). I do exactly this, because I already had my TP-Link switches in GA before I got into openHAB and I didn’t see a good reason to change everything over. If I had been in openHAB first, I might have just relied on the OH service.

I believe the main benefit of using the OH service would be that you can deny your HS100 access to the Internet (since OH communicates directly with them). But if you do that, I don’t think you’ll be able to get firmware updates.

Hey @rpwong
Thank you for the constructive input.

very true

good point; good that you mention this.

For me personally, its more about avoiding to many accounts, one for xiaomi, one for tplink, one for yeelight, one for darksky, and the list can keep going for a while :slight_smile: … thats for me the only reason.

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