[SOLVED] Google Assistent doesn't show up OH2 - Items in Smart Home Control

Here is what i’ve done:

  • successfully performed complete Google Assistent with OH2 - Tutorial with
    “TAGGING” ( [ “Switchable” ] etc. ) my items, creating a myopenhab-Account with WORKING exposed Items … so all Events are pushed successfully to the cloud.

  • also a successfull OAuth2- authenticated OpenHAB - Device is being added (somehow) to Google Home App … BUT - returning from this procedure NOT ANY Item does appear in Google Home App … :frowning:

In the Tutorial there does appear a OpenHAB - Chapter (after all my devices present) within the Smart Control Part of Google Home App - but THIS Chapter does NOT show up at all …

I would really appreciate any helping hint…

Sorry - easy … the TAGS haven’t been set correctly! [" Lighting "] -> [“Lighting”] … everything works fine now… except the performance issue which is discussed in other Post.