[SOLVED] Google Home Lost all openHAB Devices

Sometime overnight (May 12, 2022), the connection between Google Home and the openHAB “works with Google” cloud connector service lost all of my openHAB devices. In the Google Home app, the openHAB service went away. When I try to add it back, it lets me enter my credentials, it appears to authenticate successfully, but when it scans openHAB, it finds no devices available. Therefore it stops and then removes the openHAB service. I can log in to myopenhab.org and access my sitemap and all of my devices are there and I can “remotely” control my devices successfully.

I made no changes to any part of my home automation setup.

I am running openHAB2 which has been stable in my home for months.

Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Any ideas on where to look?


I was not was not aware the the older tag syntax for Google Assistant had been deprecated in early 2021.


Now 12-18 months later, support for the old syntax has been discontinued. I am still able to run openHAB2 but just need to update my items definitions to use the new tag syntax.

Strange that it just disappeared on you overnight. In most cases it’s been due to someone refreshing their devices in Google Assistant.