[SOLVED] Google home mini and openhab no commands possible

Hey guys,

i’ll try to keep this short.
I have setup the google home mini with openhab.
Even created a rule as some of you know :wink:
Worked like a charm out of the box pretty much

Now i turn lights on and off via the google home app, so i know its integrated.
But i can not do this by voice anymore.
Also my google home does not know the command “sync all my devices” anymore, she should reply: “ok syncing all devices for openhab”

the only things i can think of that can cause this issue:
i resetted my gmail password -> tho my google home itself knows my calendar and such, so this should not be the issue anymore.
Also i restarted my Home mini this morning.

in the mean while restarted again to be sure :slight_smile:

Anything else i could try please?

lastly i could try to remove te link with openhab in the google home app and set this up again
Thanks in advance

Ok this is so strange…
I was watching a youtube about the app and such to get a bit wiser… (it was on speaker)
That guy yelled “ok google turn xxx light to 30%” and i see my lights turn on and be dimmed…
So suddenly only the english version seems to work for openhab voice commands, other regular stuff still worked in Ductch, so i didnt notice right away.
Tested and indeed my commands to openhab do work in english.

Opened the Google Home app and checked my language settings, they are like it should be…
So just clicked again on my language which was already selected anyway and whent back.

Immediatly tried the dutch version of “sync all my devices” and it worked…

Then to reply to you :slight_smile:

I do also think this is a “google issue” and nothing to do wiht openhab itself tbh.

Because thats what i want her te be :wink:
No… she sound female :slight_smile:

But i got you a link (first 15 sec) :slight_smile:

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This sounds more like a google issue unless the gmail password is linked to your google account and needed to be changed to match in OH. Btw, how do you know it’s a she?:smile:

EDIT: Waiting.:smiley:

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Just like OH, make it like you want it.:sunglasses:

I think she would agree :wink: