[SOLVED] GoogleTTS config change gives permission denied

Not sure if this is googletts specific but I have installed the binding but when I go to change the config in paperui, i get a

 [ERROR] [.service.ConfigurableServiceResource] - Cannot update configuration for service org.openhab.voice.googletts: Permission denied

java.io.IOException: Permission denied

ive tried uninstalling binding via paper ui, via karaf console, clearing cache.

When i reinstall the binding, the old config is still there?

what can I do to forceably start again and fix the permissions?

Try deleting /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/addons.config so it is regenerated with correct content

Thanks that didnt wrk but lead me to a voice folder in that location whiach I changed the perms on all suf files (where the google tts config file lives and now works!