[SOLVED] Gpstracker Binding: How to delete unused Trackers?

Good Evening everybody,

I recently enhanced my OH2 installation with the Gpstracker binding since i was missing the capability to share locations within the family. My setup is a pretty straightforward one: The android phones run owntracks and use HTTPS to post location updates to OH2 which is hosted at home and secured by an NGINX reverse proxy. No magic here and all of this works like a charm. I’m actually quite surprised about the superb quality of this solution. Should have done this much earlier.

However, there is one minor drawback which I caused myself: On the android smartphones I every now and then use the Owntracks application to check the status of family members. Due to some misconfigurations in the invitial deployment, the app still shows outdated devices - that is, devices with tracker IDs i do not use anymore. I initially created these as Things in paperui, then at a later stage decided to purge them (by deleting them in paperui again). Unfortunately, as an artifact from the past i’m now stuck with them showing up at their last reported geoposition.

Is there any chance to fully get them out of the system?


I think that removing the app and installing owntracks again should work
But I haven’t touched my config for a while as (as you said) it just works!

Thanks Vincent, that was exactly what you need to do. I wiped Owntracks settings and after a restart (and reconfiguring the connection to OH2) the artefacts are now gone!