[SOLVED] Grafana : Show Fridge Power and Door Status on same chart?

I’m trying to show a number and contact on the same chart so that I can see the power consumption of my fridge and also when the door was open.

I’m using Grafana and I can see in the InfluxDB that the door contact changes to 1 when open and so it’s purely an issue with the scales… You can actually see the little blip on the chart when the door was opened and closed.

Does anyone know if settings can be applied to the one series to make the open/close status more prominent? Maybe multiplying it by 100? Although I don’t want to have to do this with rules :slight_smile:

yup… in theory with math

Awesome thanks @Dim I was actually just trying that out as you replied… Didn’t work until I removed the default grouping that Grafana adds…

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Display -> Staircase check to look nicer :slight_smile:


edit: no… this will affect also the other power consumption series :frowning: and they look better without staircase :slight_smile:

edit2: actually you can use series overrides to apply staircase only to the fridge door status series :slight_smile: (leave the default without staircase check mark)

Cool, yeah looks a bit better with a series override of staircase now :slight_smile: Thanks!

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You could also have assigned the door to the other Y axis (On the right) and that would have scaled automatically.


Good idea! How do we assign it to the other Y axis?

Enable Right Y axes:

Override display of series to Y-axis: 2


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Awesome thanks!