[SOLVED] Group Dimming Ikea Tradfri

I tried to setup group dimming of tradfri, which seems not to work for me.
might be its my fault here the setting:

Group:Dimmer gTFWZLightTop

Dimmer TFWZLightTop37 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65537:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop38 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65538:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop39 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65539:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop40 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65540:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop41 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65541:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop42 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65542:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop43 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65543:brightness" } 
Dimmer TFWZLightTop44 <gTFWZLightTop> { channel="tradfri:0220:gwb072bf27910b:65544:brightness" } 
Slider item=gTFWZLightTop label="Wohnzimmer Decke [%.1f %%]"

When I change the slider value nothing happens.
I tried each and every lamp individually in the sitemap, which works

Wrong syntax in item group definition :slight_smile: