[SOLVED] HabPanel button that displays an item's information

I’ve created buttons in habpanel for various things.

And dummy labels that get information from an item e.g.

But is there a standard way to make a button that displays information from an item?
Or am I about to learn how to make custom widgets? I just wanted to make sure I’ve not reinventing the wheel here as it would seem like someone has done this.

Very new to all this and not a web dev so learning a hell of a lot very fast so apologies if I’ve missed something obvious. Thanks in advance.

Yes. This will be on the next release

If you don’t want to wait, you can pull from the GitHub repo

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Looks perfect for what I need, thanks for the hard work.

Any reason you’re aware of that it shouldn’t work if I just update those 4 files? Presume you’re working from nightlies or similar?

Running openhab 2.2 release on openhabian in case that makes a difference.

Thanks again