[SOLVED] Habpanel charts and Switch state

According to the release notes of OH 2.3 with the latest Habpanel it should be possible to show on/ off in chart widgets.
However, I did not get it to work.
I have set 4 switches into a chart and nothting is displayed.
I also don’t find any setting for “simulate switches to number values” or such.
The automatic y-scale - however - already shows 0 to 1, but this might be the default value anyway.

Anyone who use this within habpanel already?

No one using this yet?

Try a timeline widget, I use that to show open close states

Thanks, I will.

That’s awesome!
I did not even know about this widget.
Maybe I should check out other new widgets I might (will) have missed!
Thanks a lot for the hint!

Did that solve the thread?

Not yet entirely. But I could consider it solved.
I seem to have Problems with Groups (OFF / ON).

Would you care to open another thread with those problems?