[SOLVED] Habpanel fast clicking in IOS

Is anyone using iOS/ safari with HabPanel and able to run a quick test please?

I have habpanel set up and working great, but am experiencing delays on actual button click registration. Initially, I suspected habpanel was wholly responsible for the delay, but if I use a client other than an iPhone, I see better results.

If someone has an IPhone running, please click a button in your habpanel multiple time as quickly in succession as you can and check whether your loss register all events.

This doc seems to indicate that I should not see this issue, but I still do… https://webkit.org/blog/5610/more-responsive-tapping-on-ios/

Wow :hushed:

Guessing this problem must be unique to me?

I have the same issue with Android. Using HabPanelViewer I have to click a button at least 3 times for it to register.

Works fine on a Mozilla browser and PC, instant.

I ended up doing this:

It’s a game changer- my remote so that I’ve built for running my tv etc is now super responsive

You lazy load this in ALL your widgets? Clicking ANYTHING in Habpanel on my Android Tablet is slow.

I have one remote control widget that I’ve built for driving AV gear. Each room uses a single instance and the remote has no visual feed back, other than a few buttons which are specific to the currently selected av source.
I reuse this widget for all rooms. So I have lazy loaded for just that one widget per page.