[SOLVED] Had to rebuild

I had to rebuild because of a bad SD card, now something very basic like a switch is not working.
This is a clean new build getting the following error when I click on the switch from the main menu.

2019-05-05 23:25:28.768 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Switch_Overhead' received command ON

2019-05-05 23:25:28.791 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Switch_Overhead predicted to become NULL

and of course nothing happens with the switch/light.

This has got to be something REALLY Stupid, I just cannot think what it might be. Any suggestions?

hmmmm… reinstall binding for this item?
post up item file and we’ll figure it out Bill

I also, when I click the light switch on, the bottom of the screen says, “Offline, waiting for connection to become available.

Here is the basic default.items file. I’ve cut it down lots to try and figure out what was going on.

Group gFF   "First Floor"   <FirstFloor>    ["FirstFloor"]
Group gOU   "Outside"       <Outside>       ["Outside"]
Group gB    "Basement"      <Basement>      ["Basement"]
Group gGR   "Garage"        <Garage>        ["Garage"]

/* Lights */
Switch Switch_Lighthouse "Lighthouse"          (gOU)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node2:switch_binary"}

Switch Switch_China      "China Cabinet"       (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node6:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_Backyard   "Backyard Lights"     (gOU)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node7:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_GarageS    "Garage Door Switch"  (gGR)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node8:switch_binary"}

Switch Switch_Fan        "Fan"                 (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node10:switch_binary"} 
Switch Switch_FLight     "Fan Light"           (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node11:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_Ceiling    "Ceiling Lights"      (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node12:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_LivingRm   "Livingroom Lamp"     (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node13:switch_binary"}

Switch Switch_GarageL    "Garage Light"        (gGR)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node24:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_Overhead   "Overhead"            (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node25:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_Backdoor   "Backdoor"            (gOU)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node26:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_Driveway   "Driveway"            (gOU)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node27:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_HouseC     "House Corner"        (gOU)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node28:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_KitchenCO  "Kitchen Counter"     (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node29:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_KitchenC   "Kitchen Ceiling"     (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node30:switch_binary"}

Switch Switch_TableL     "Table Lamp"          (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node35:switch_binary"}

Switch Switch_BDFan      "Bedroom Fan"         (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node45:switch_binary"}
Switch Switch_BLights    "Basement Lights"     (gFF)  ["Lighting"]    {channel="zwave:device:c4664bf8:node46:switch_binary"}

/* Virtual Switches */
Switch VIR_IN_GarageDoorSwitch "Garage Door" [ "Switchable" ]
// vim: syntax=Xtend

Any thought would be appreciated. I’m already bald, so I no longer have any hair to pull out.

Here is a copy of the default.sitemap file. Its about as basic as I can get at the moment

sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
	Switch item=Switch_Overhead		label="Bedroom Overhead Light"
	Switch item=Switch_TableL 		label="Bedroom Table Lamp"

// vim: syntax=Xtend

I am thinking a binding is either not installed or not fully configured. I had an issue once and realized I just completely forgot a binding.

If the binding is installed maybe try a reinstall and check config.

Also, are you using a new sd card?

Yes Sir, brand new SD card.
How about about an idea to check to see if the Control binding is configured ok, any ideas?

Sorry I am not familiar with the zwave items. I would not be giving good advice.

As far as if it is just installed that is in paper-ui. There is a menu item that shows all installed bindings.

Paperui—> configurations— bindings

I might be getting closer. Looking at the Inbox, I just noticed 18 Things that needed to be added. I added them and can now see them in THINGS, but my items file still has old information.

Do you think deleting everything out of .items would start the process of importing the things into items?

If you are using files you can change to the new channel info. The thing item should tell the channels typically.

Yes if you don’t want to use files you can add the items in the Paper UI

that would be habPanel then
try checking it out in the control tab of PAPER UI

btw if you have zwave stuff, I’m assuming you already use habmin… because it flipping rocks for zwave config

In my old instance, I used the HABPanel. But, after this rebuild I only configured BasicUI with 2 switches.

Do you think it is looking for HABpanel, and that is why I am not getting any response?

Also, I heard also about habmin. But, I was hoping to find a Youtube video on its setup. Any suggestions?

a lot of habmin’s features work right out of the box
it needs no set up to work and configure zwave stuff
just install it and have a play man

oh… I’ve never used basic UI, I have however seen habpanel do this

does basic ui do that as well?

anyhow, I do know enough about basic ui to know you could have an error in your sitemap file and the ui won’t work even if the items is working (although your sitemap looks good)
Maybe try a different method to check / set item state such as the REST api

I would check the logs!

for all parts of openHAB there is documentation, just check the links on top of this page!

Nope, has nothing to do with HABPanel. Happens with other UI’s, too.


@bmachia, please check your logs. Also notice that if you did install a newer snapshot zwave binding it may not work with older openHAB cores.
As you did not tell a lot about your installation we can only guess. Please provide log outputs.

Well, I needed to sleep on it. In all honesty, I doubt if I would have seen the problem yesterday.

When I re-installed openHAB, and allowed the software to query my Z-Stick, the device ID changed in the channel parameter.
If I had not looked Really, really closely this morning, I might not have noticed it.
I had, up until today, thought this parameter was read from the Z-Stick. But NOOoooo. This number is generated when the Z-Stick is queried by openHAB. I am not sure if this is an arbitrary or calculated number and would love to know where the number comes from.

In my lazy state I copied and pasted my items from the original build. When the new install saw the Z-Stick it changed the number. Since I kept referencing the the original ID, the software did not recognize the device and ignored the item. But it did not give me an error in the logs either.

Just thought others might be interested in what I found, maybe I can help someone in the future.

Thanks for all your suggestions and HELP!!!

It’s a thing id and you can name it whatever you want during discovery of the stick.

Thank You Very Much Sihui,
Where would this be configured during the stick discovery process?


Right after the stick is discovered. It will show you random numbers, just change those to what ever you want (mine is “controller”)