SOLVED: Harmony Binding and Hue Emulation

I’m running OH3.1.0M2 and have just got a Logitech Harmony Companion remote.

The remote control has options for smart lights and plugs which I’d like to link to OH to control a few items.

I’ve installed the Hue Emulation and configured an nginx reverse proxy on port 80. I’ve also unplugged my real Hue Hub.

When I go to add the Virtual Hue Hub in the Logitech app it gets stuck on the page asking me to press the center button. I’ve extended the timeout to 300 seconds, enabled the pairing mode and restarted OH with no luck.

My api/status page is as follows:

I found that if you look for devices on the network from the mobile app then it listed both hubs. I selected the one with the OH IP, enabled pairing on the api/status page and it connected immediately.