(solved) Heating auto rules

not changing state and not sure why think its going to be a typo is off all the time even when any of them are changed

rule “Heating_auto”
Item Heatinga1 changed or
Item Heatinga2 changed or
Item Heatinga3 changed or
Item Heatinga4 changed
if ((Heatinga1.state == ON) || (Heatinga2.state == ON) || (Heatinga2.state == ON) || (Heatinga2.state == ON)) {
else if ((Heatinga1.state == OFF) && (Heatinga2.state == OFF) && (Heatinga3.state == OFF) && (Heatinga4.state == OFF)) {

Any help welcome
Thanks Stu

You don’t need this Rule at all.

Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) HeatingM

Then make all the rest members of this Group.

ok thanks will try this now

have done this but how do i get HeatingM to switch on ? when one of the other comes on and goes off when all are off i have set a dummy icon showing all items was using HeatingaM but changed to HeatingM

Item set up

Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) HeatingM "heating Auto" (Home)

Switch Heatinga1 “heating W1” < HeatingM > (Home)
Switch Heatinga2 “heating W2” < HeatingM > (Home)
Switch Heatinga3 “heating W3” < HeatingM > (Home)
Switch Heatinga4 “heating W4” < HeatingM > (Home)

Thanks Stuart

You have to add your Heating Items to the HeatingM Group.

Switch Heatinga1	“heating W1” < HeatingM > (Home,HeatingM)
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Thank you brilliant works like a charm :+1: