[SOLVED] Help mounting NFS share

Hi Everyone

I’m trying too get a share added/mounted too openhabian for use with Amanda Backup

I have created a share on my NAS called OHBackup its shared using NFS (i’m new too this i normally use SMB shares but not recommended for Amanda)

according to my NAS has read/write access too the OHBackup share (that IP is Openhab)

i have ran command

[21:02:24] openhabian@openHABianPi:~$ showmount -e
Export list for
[21:02:56] openhabian@openHABianPi:~$

I then ran

sudo mkdir /media/OHBackup

after i edited fstab and added line /OHBackup nfs

finishing with

mount -a

the folder has been added i can naviate too and save files too the folder at


when checking too see if files have changed on the nas its not transfered
if i copy a file too the nas its not showing in /media/OHBackup

Like i say i’m new too NFS shares and still Linux beginner so this is obviously something i’m not understanding or missing

I have been moving a text file around too test the share

Hoping for pointers /OHBackup nfs

shouldn’t this be /media/OHBackup nfs


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Hi @Udo_Hartmann Thanks for the reply

i’m not sure tbh

i was following a few tutorials and trying to make sense of what i could this is what i managed too throw together the main tutorial was not very good

i will change it now too see if thats better

Well, /etc/fstab is the list for mountable file systems. You have to setup a directory to mount a file system. This is done by

mkdir /media/OHBackup

But obviously you have to use this directory to mount the file system :slight_smile:

Thanks that’s what was wrong

I have successfully synced a file between my NAS and OH

Quick Question: with the way i have this setup is my NFS share now permanently mounted too OH will it remount after a reboot ect?

and now i point amanda Backup too /media/OHBackup ?