[Solved] Hide slider value on sitemap

Greetings all,

I am trying to hide the value of a slider item on a sitemap but am having no luck. The item is working as expected however I would just like to hide the value. My sitemap item is listed below;

Slider item=bedroom_lights_brightness label="Brightness" icon="staticlight"

This is how the item appears in my sitemap and would like to hide the number;

I am running version 2.4.0 Release Build.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

I have tried adding empty brackets [] to the label but that did not work.

What is the item definition?
In the sitemap try:

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With empty square brackets it should work


Slider item=RB_GF_BA_CeilingRGB_Dimmer label="Helligkeit []" icon="light_led_stripe_rgb"

Whick openHAB version do you use? Mine is 2.5M4

I think there is some weirdness (maybe only some UIs) where you need a space between label and []

Remove the bracket. I dont think it will show the value at all.

Slider item=RB_GF_BA_CeilingRGB_Dimmer label="Helligkeit" icon="light_led_stripe_rgb"

Thank you all for the input, I have tried all of the suggestions mentioned here with no success.

Perhaps this is an issue with the 2.4.0 release build.

It works for other people in 2.4, including me.

Some clarifications:-

If you specify a label in a sitemap, it will override any label you set in the Item definition. That includes the state [format] part.
So sitemap
Slider item=bedroom_lights_brightness label="Brightness []"
should work. Make sure you are editing the right sitemap file. You may need to refresh browser after edits. What UI are you using?

If there is no label with state [format] in the sitemap, the UI will turn next to the Item definition for a [format]
Again, an empty format [] will suppress the state display
Dimmer blah "label text []" ....

Note that having no [format] at all in either sitemap or Item definition does not guarantee no state display - many bindings will provide a default format that will be used. You need to take action to suppress that.