[SOLVED] Home screen widgets

There is a quite old feature request for home screen widgets: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/issues/6.
Due to Android limitations widget states cannot be kept up to date all the time, so you might see an old state. Considering that the state might be outdated since half an hour, what kind of widgets do you want to see?
Do you like to see a widgets that can only send one state? Or two states, but you cannot see the current one?
Or do you even want to see the state of an item that doesn’t change too much, e.g. outside temperature.

I would be happy with the ability to press stateless buttons. I used IFTTT for that functionality currently. For me it is quick access to things like executing my goodnight operation, or turning on a lamp for the kids at night for a defined time period before they have to go to sleep. The downside of the IFTTT approach is there is a very long delay between press and action that a native approach would alleviate.

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Yeah even just a button to open the gate or garage…

Definitely the ability to command a single Item would be great. One or two states (e.g. a toggle) would be awesome. A mini sitemap would be really awesome!

Even if all it can be really useful for is commanding Items because of the delay in updating the Items in the widget, having access to some quick shortcuts would be pretty useful in general.

I used to do that using Tasker and a widget on my home screen. I discovered that my phone would far too frequently become unlocked in my pocket and command my garage door to go up and down when I’m not even there. So I eliminated that. Sometimes more convenient is too convenient. :wink:

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The latest beta (2.8.14-beta) has widgets for item updates: