[SOLVED] Homekit item added through Habmin

I have an TPLink HS110 smart wi-fi plug that I added through Habmin as a thing. I added this line to my items file
Switch tplinksmarthome_lrlight_switch “Living Room Light” [“Switchable”] { channel=“tplinksmarthome:hs110:home:switch” }
and this
tplinksmarthome:hs110:home “Living Room Light” [ ipAddress=“”, refresh=60 ]
to my things file.
I am unable to see or control this item through the Home app on my phone. Other items added to the items file work correctly, but none of those were added through Habmin. Will I need to delete the Habmin entry to get this to work correctly?

You need to define a thing through the paperUI/HABPanel or with a file. Not both.
I recommend that you delete the thing file. Delete the thin in HABmin. And rediscover the thing using paperUI.

Reserve HABmin use for zwave

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Great advice! It works like it should. Thanks for the quick response.