[SOLVED] HomeKit OH 2.5.0 Build 1737 not working

Hello Guys…
Trying to establish a Apple Homekit connection to Openhab…
Started at 2.4.0, here the OPenHab was shown on the iPhone, but couldnt pair it…

Then i upgraded to 2.5 Build 1737 and tested again - now nothing shows up on my Iphone…
When running log i get:

20:47:08.472 [INFO ] [mpl.http.impl.NettyHomekitHttpService] - Bound homekit listener to /
20:47:08.476 [INFO ] [hap.impl.jmdns.JmdnsHomekitAdvertiser] - Advertising accessory openHAB
20:47:08.477 [INFO ] [hap.impl.jmdns.JmdnsHomekitAdvertiser] - Registering _hap._tcp.local. on port 9123

iOS 13? Known issue.

Yes 13 - so we need to wait for fix?

Any news? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. I can‘t get it to pair.

Still no succes for this? :slight_smile:

Fixes are in latest Snapshot.

Tried upgrading to milestone 6, seems still not to work - is there anything that must be manually deleted before it works - to start on a fresh?