[solved] Homematic door bell sensor HM-Sen-DB-PCB not supported

Homematic door bell sensor HM-Sen-DB-PCB is not mentioned in opneHAB homematic binding “Device Confirmation List”. It seems to be not supported yet.

I tried to add bindings to openHAB (1.8.3), got warnings:
[WARN ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - Can’t find DatapointConfig[address=MEQ06xxxxx,channel=1,parameter=STATE], value is not published to openHAB!
[WARN ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - Can’t find DatapointConfig[address=MEQ06xxxxx,channel=1,parameter=PRESS_SHORT], value is not published to openHAB!
[WARN ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - Can’t find DatapointConfig[address=MEQ06xxxxx,channel=1,parameter=PRESS_CONT], value is not published to openHAB!
[WARN ] [.b.h.i.c.HomematicCommunicator] - Can’t find DatapointConfig[address=MEQ06xxxxx,channel=1,parameter=INSTALL_TEST], value is not published to openHAB!

Refering to HomeMatic-Script Dokumentation chapter 4 data points device HM-Sen-DB-PCB should support parameters PRESS_SHORT, PRESS_CONT and INSTALL_TEST.
Is it possible to implement support for this device?


Was this issue solved? I am also interested in integrating my standard doorbell in my home automation (that I am currently building up) so I would be very happy if there is a solution.

Kind regards, Nico.

It seems that is supported. I can see references to this device in the config files. If it is not correctly supported please create an issue at Github.

Door bell sensor HM-Sen-DB-PCB works.
Don’t know why I’ve got warnings during my first tests.

Dear Marian,

to help others with the installation of this sensor (not least me :wink: ), I want to ask you if you can describe the setup that you have created to integrate your door bell into your home automation composition.

Which hardware are you using to connect to HomeMatic devices respectively to integrate HomeMatic with openHAB? I’ve read about the HM-CFG-LAN device (which seems not to be selled anymore) and a USB device, but for me it is not clear which one is the best (that is currently buyable). Are you using HomeGear?

Thank you very much in advance, Nico.

My working setup:
Door bell sensor HM-Sen-DB-PCB is connected to HomeMatic CCU1.
Used openHAB HomeMatic binding 1.8.3 running on Raspberry Pi model B.


Switch DoorBell “Türklingel” (Alarm) {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=PRESS_SHORT”}
Switch DoorBell_C “Türklingel C” (Alarm) {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=PRESS_CONT”}
Switch DoorBell_T “Türklingel T” (Alarm) {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=INSTALL_TEST”}


rule "Door bell rings"
Item DoorBell received update
// Do some action