[solved] - Homematic Systemvariable to work with in Openhab

Is there a way to get the State of some “Systemvaribale” into Openhab ?
It created a “Systemvariable” within my Homematic (running Debmatic on an Intel NUC) which can Display the State of my alarm system.

But when i look into Openhab - the Systemvariable wont show up (maybe i dont know where to find it)
I thought it has to be under Gateway EXTRAS - i can see a Systemvaribale (which comes with the System called “Anwesenheit”) - but the one i created is not listed :frowning:

I hope someone understands my problem and can help

Have you checked the troubleshooting guide in the binding doc ?

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Thank you for the hin - but this did not the trick
It was auto…so i tried change it to ccu => restart but no luck
i even tried it with no ccu => also same result…

i can`t figure out how to get the Systemvariable…

maybe it`s a Problem with my “Homematic” Tool…i´m using debmatic ?
Should i go with raspberrymatic maybe ?

You could try to remove the GATEWAY EXTRA thing, start a new discovery and add it again. Then the new variable should be visible as channel.

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This solved my Problem - excellent Tip…
Now i will see if the Variable is updated correctly :slight_smile: