[solved] - Homematic Systemvariable to work with in Openhab

Is there a way to get the State of some “Systemvaribale” into Openhab ?
It created a “Systemvariable” within my Homematic (running Debmatic on an Intel NUC) which can Display the State of my alarm system.

But when i look into Openhab - the Systemvariable wont show up (maybe i dont know where to find it)
I thought it has to be under Gateway EXTRAS - i can see a Systemvaribale (which comes with the System called “Anwesenheit”) - but the one i created is not listed :frowning:

I hope someone understands my problem and can help

Have you checked the troubleshooting guide in the binding doc ?

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Thank you for the hin - but this did not the trick
It was auto…so i tried change it to ccu => restart but no luck
i even tried it with no ccu => also same result…

i can`t figure out how to get the Systemvariable…

maybe it`s a Problem with my “Homematic” Tool…i´m using debmatic ?
Should i go with raspberrymatic maybe ?

You could try to remove the GATEWAY EXTRA thing, start a new discovery and add it again. Then the new variable should be visible as channel.

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This solved my Problem - excellent Tip…
Now i will see if the Variable is updated correctly :slight_smile:


i have to reuse this old thread. But i have a error with the systemvariables. I have some scripts on the CCU to write systemvariables. but the updates dont come over to openhab. the items will not be updated. Is it possible to autoupdate the systemvariables of the gateway-extras?
PS: Only the values, no new varaibles.