[SOLVED] Hot to implement Yeelight Stripe correct?

So i bought some Yeelight Stuff and now i`m trying to implement this into Openhab.
I got one Color-Bulb which is working like a charm.

I`m running into Problems when it comes to my Yeelight Stripe (Yeelight YLDD01YL) !

This is what i get from Auto Discovery via the MI IO Binding (yes i got the Token and it`s correct)

String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkSsid        "SSID"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#ssid"}
String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkBssid       "BSSID"               {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#bssid"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkRssi        "RSSI"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#rssi"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkLife        "Life"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#life"}
String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_ActionsCommands    "Execute Command"     {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:actions#commands"}
Switch   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Power              "Power"               {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:power"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Brightness         "Brightness"          {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:brightness"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Delayoff           "delayoff"            {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:delayoff"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_ColorTemperature   "Color Temperature"   {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:colorTemperature"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_ColorMode          "colorMode"           {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:colorMode"}
String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Name               "Name"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:name"}

I tried the stable Mi IO Binding and also the latest Snapshot…no Luck.
Doesenmatter what i try - im still missing the Color Channel like it comes in my Bulb-Item.

Color    XiaomiMiIOBirne_Color              "color"               {channel="miio:basic:03362ADE:color"}

I also postet a similiar question into Binding Sections…but the i thought maybe I´m such a Noob and it`s a quite easy Problem and not a binding Problem.

Hope someone can provide some useful Information - would love to integrate this Stripe correct.
On/OFF is working - but i`d like to set the colors :slight_smile:

Please give the following a try…
Change the model in the thing config to

This should enable the Colour channel. If the light allowed the same as other yeelight colours you are in luck…
If not… Search results internet for the exact command your yeelight requires

Thank you for your help.
Will try this when i´m back at home… :+1:

Thank you very much.
Just tested this and now it`s working :slight_smile:

Let me know your original model string, than I update it in the database

Is this the model string you need ?
I changed it like you told - now it`s working fine.
This is how it looked before

Yes, that is the one…

This is now added to the database, so should be recognized without need to override now

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