[SOLVED] How can I include the Control of my Rollershutter into the HomeKit?


i’ve installed the openhab on my raspberry3 with Z-WAVE-USB-Stick.
Also, my rollershutter (Fibaro FGR222 Roller Shutter 2) is at the Control-Dashboard and working well:

I also installed the “HomeKit Integration” and added to my IPhone:
But it only shows openHAB.

How can I include the Control of my Rollershutter into the HomeKit?


Why the heck would you want to do that ? Since you’re using openHAB you can do everything from there and won’t want any other controller in the game to control any devices outside of openHAB.

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I want to use my IPhone and AppleWatch / Siri with HomeKit to control my Smarthome.

Is that possible?

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Read the docs and use G**gle.

Thanks, I’ve read the docs and the article you mentioned.
But there is guidance, how to integrate the RollerShutter2
(the examples are switches or weatherstations)

We’re not nannies over here to help you with every single step.
Read the docs, search the forum, g**gle and try for yourself before asking for help, please.

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I’m not asking for nannies…
I’m asking for help because the forum-search (and the two links) doesn’t help me.

But ok, we can close this thread.

I’m bored tonight so I’m reading through the forums… I’ve already done the tutorial on this so I might as well share a link.

“Rollershutter” is not an option in the built in openhab homekit support. Closest option could be the [lighting] tag and call it a “dimmer”. I did it like this for a while.

But there’s a better way. I’ve been compiling the following thread about using a combo of openhab, nodered, and HomeKit. It’s a lot to read but there’s an example of rollershutter (curtain) in there which I use in my house. Have fun, feel free to add questions once you’ve read through if you struggle implementing for your setup, we might be able to help from there.

I just have to say, it is pretty disappointing when someone (like me) uses google to try and find an answer and gets directed to this page with your less than helpful answer. Thanks for nothing!

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