[SOLVED] How can I ping add-on reviewers on github?

Hi all,
I know that reviewing a PR could be a time consuming job and I’m fully aware that we all do this in our free time so no complaining here at all. :slight_smile:
Just wanted to check if / how I can ping reviewers on github since my PR could have been unseen or forgotten?
Meanwhile I’ve pushed some fixes into it which is also nice but now it’s in very stable state so a review and merge would be great…
(the PR: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/pull/6961)


You can ping the maintainers within a comment to your PR.

How to do so? Which github group it is? Is it this one: @openhab/maintainers ?

No, it is @openhab/add-ons-maintainers or the reviewer you can see at top of your PR.

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Thanks a lot !

I tried to mention @openhab/add-ons-maintainers in my PR. It won’t transfer to a link/hovercard so I’m suspecting it doesn’t work. Could it be be that @polychronov is with contributor status because this is not his first PR?

No, it should work.

Ok, thanks. I’ll wait.

As I can’t see any teams in github I’m wondering what this is: