[SOLVED] How does the docu site discover "Things"?

When I go to the Addons page and search for a binding, sometimes the “Things” supported by that binding is shown (search-as-you-type, do not go the the page of the binding itself yet). So, for example for “hue”, “avm” and many others.

So my pushbullet binding got merged, and is also visible in the addons list, but the Thing(s) provided by the binding is not being shown in the overview. Interestingly, the same is true for the snmp and mail bindings.

Is there some metadata that needs to be created for the search to work?

@Confectrician any ideas or advice?

Not really,

I think i have found the part where the addons contents get filtered for this search,
but @ysc would be the better one to tell us how it works.

Search seems to be done here:

The list of things comes from this file:

It is generated by this script which I run manually from time to time:

It needs several repositories (openhab2-addons, zwave, zigbee) to be cloned to do its work, so I didn’t want to make it part of the website build process intiially - I only intended to update this list of things when a new release is out. However this could of course become part of the documentation build since those repositories are cloned anyway to fetch the addons’ READMEs. :slight_smile:


This would be excellent and reduce surprises on the part of contributors :smile:

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