[SOLVED] How to add new zwave device after adding in the online DB

Hi guys,

Sorry if this information is somewhere out there but I cannot find it!
So I have added a new zwave device in the online Database, it is approved, but I am not sure how to get this information in my openhab installation. I have performed an update of my openhab through openhabian meun, I have removed zwave binding and reinstalled (it says v2.5.1) but my device still shows as unknown.

What am I missing?


The new device will be merged into the database every few days and it will be into a SNAPSHOT version of the binding. You only need to install the binding manually. NOT through the menu.


The binding is usually exported weekly to GitHub and then a new snapshot is built. When using the script to manually install the binding it will NOT show up in the Paper UI as installed.

The last export was Friday - if the changes were approved prior to Friday night European time, then it will be in the latest SNAPSHOT binding. Otherwise it will be another few days before it’s added most likely.


Typo… it will not show in Paper UI.

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many thanks! I was able to update and get my device working!

Please tick the solution post, thanks

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