(Solved) How to add things that only listen?

Trying to get up and running with OH2. New build and slowly moving my text config over line by line.
Temperature things get detected but are in thing file as well:

Thing	temperature 		sensor_patio		[deviceId="19200", subType="TEMP5"]
Thing	temperaturehumidity sensor_bak_links	[deviceId="1", subType="TH12"]
Thing	temperaturehumidity sensor_bak_rechts	[deviceId="2", subType="TH12"]
Thing	temperaturehumidity sensor_dakterras	[deviceId="20224", subType="TH9"]

Remark: I would expect things in thing file that are also discovered not to show up in INBOX, but this only happens if the name and deviceId are kept the samen.

Next are my Kaku (klik aan klik uit) things which start working when detected the first time:

Thing	lightning2			18718366_10			[deviceID="18718366.10", subType="AC"]

Remark: These things are not visible in Paperui things overview, only after first use (and detection) they show up in the thing list.

Now there are also the wall sockets that only listen; programming takes place at the moment they are plugged in; one sends a code that gets programmed.

Thing	lightning2 			19606810_0			[deviceID="19606810.0", subType="AC"]		// Gamma KAKU WCD

But because the thing never gets added the only thing I get is:

2017-02-05 09:49:59.039 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate command 'ON' for item 'KakuWCD1' to handler for channel 'rfxcom:lighting2:rfxcom_bridge:19606810_0:command', because no thing with the UID 'rfxcom:lighting2:rfxcom_bridge:19606810_0' could be found.

How do I add such a passive thing to the system via a things file?

Note to self -> lightning2 is written as lighting2
one “n” less is making such a difference haha