[solved] How to chart wind direction with InfluxDB + Grafana?

I have InfluxDB and Grafan setup as docker container, and I can have nice charts of numeric values, really neat.

Regarding Wind direction, how would you proceed ? I get wind direction from Wunderground as acronym (SSW, S, NE …). Is it possible to make graph of these with InfluxDB + Grafana ?

Charting direction I would use the degree value.

Hi Jürgen,

Mmmmh, then I could use a .map file to transform the texte label to a degree value ?

I’m not using this weather provider, however I’d be surprised if the degree value isn’t provided.
Otherwise you could map each possible “alphabetical direction” to a number.
N = 0 or 360
NE = 45
E= 90
SE= 135

wind_degrees is the field in the XML or JSON if you are pulling the data from Wunderground using HTTP or windDirectionDegrees is the channel if you are using the Wunderground binding.

No need to create a map and using the degrees will be more informative anyway.

Oooooh, I just see that clicking on the “Show more” button in the Channel list makes the wind Direction in degree to appear !

Every day I learn new things, but since I started to use OpenHab I have the feeling that I learn a full year every day :sweat_smile:

Thank you both of you !