[SOLVED] How to?: Check openhabian Progress via SSH? (no hdmi display)

  • Platform information: Raspberry PI 3B+
    • Hardware: 1gb ram, 16gb SDcard
    • OS: openhabian.img
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version:20190805
  • Issue of the topic: Would like to check progress on openhabian image using SSH

Hello, I’ve flashed the openhabian image and setup/connected to my pi. It is running wifi for internet and I have configured eth0 for SSH and can log in happily.

This is probably my 10th reinstallation as I chase down problems and I could see /var/log/openhab on other installations after setup, but it is not created yet on this run. I usually have a display connected, but I am now in a hotel with no display.

SSH works great, so where can I see running processes or logs related to the install script that runs upon powering on the openhabian image for the first time?

or login and see