[SOLVED] How to config frontail log?

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I never really directly used Linux so now as I need it I have a problem:

I want to change the config of frontail, I know this should be possible (as mentioned on GitHub) and I already managed to open the help of frontail in my raspberry pi console…

…but how can I call all those methods???

If I try to change anything it either says

“Arguments needed, use --help”


it throws the following error:


What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help!

these are all command line options that you can use. Some are optional, some are mandatory.
In case you select a combination that is not valid or you do not use a mandatory option the usage/help will be shown.

This erorr message ( EADDRINUSE ) means that the service is already started and running in the background. To be more precise the port ( 9001 ) on this server is already in use. This could either mean that “a” service or frontail already is runing on port 9001.

I see two options here:
a) stop the service first with command

sudo systemctl stop fronttail.service

and then do your trial on the command line.

b) edit the configuration file ( /etc/systemd/system/frontail.service ) that starts the service automatically at system start
once the file is configured restart the service

sudo systemctl restart frontail.service

I suggest that you have a look into the existing service configuration file.
Check for the row that contains ExecStart and extract the options that are used there.
Go with options a) and do a few trials on the command line.
Once your are happy with the result and the command line is working edit the configuration file.
Keep a copy of the configuration file. In case the service does not come up again after modification you easily can switch back.

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Oh ok, it doesn’t work because it is still running…
The other steps should be clear.

Thanks a lot!

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