[SOLVED] How to detect when a SONOS speaker is powered on

Morning all,

I have a couple of Sonos speakers which I power down using a smart plug overnight and/or when I’m not at home. I also have a couple of Hue dimmer switches of which I would like to use a button to

  • switch on the smart plug and
  • once the Sonos speaker is up and running (as a consequence of the previous step) tune it to a particular radio station

The first steps is a no-brainer and works, what’s failing is the second part: when looking at the logs, I get a “sonos:One:RINCON_XXXXXXXXXX1400’ changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR) to ONLINE” message. However, I have not managed yet to find a way how to get access to that message via a channel so that I could use it in an item to detect when the speaker has come online. Does anyone have an ingenious idea of how to accomplish what I’m trying to get at?



One way would be to give the speakers a static IP address and then use the Network binding to confirm if they are pingable or not. But I would have thought there was a way to use the OFFLINE/ONLINE status message, something I have yet to look into so will watch this tread progress.

Some bindings provide this facility but not all. You could post a feature request.
The network binding in the meantime is the way to go.

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