[SOLVED] How to disable nightly zwave heal?

I can’t find this anywhere and I’m suffering from the nightly heal issue.


You will find the configuration in HABmin: Go to the configuration , selevt “Things”, select your ZWave controller and look for the “Z-Wave Network Heal” entry. Select “Disabled” instead of a time when the network heal should take place and do not forget to store your configuration change :wink:

D’oh! I knew it was a simple fix but it was making me nuts trying to find it. :slight_smile:


Please also try the latest snapshot to see if the problem still occurs.

did you change anything substantial about the heal after 2.5.1, is it worth re-trying to enable the heal ?
Didn’t see any mention of that.

Yes, I made a change earlier today and reports are that it is working ok for others now.