[SOLVED] How to edit configuration files in Ubuntu with Windows 10 Visual Code

Sorry this is probably obvious to most people except me.
My Openhab2 installation is in a docker in Ubuntu 16.
I have installed Visual Code in my windows 10 PC. How do I edit the configurations files ( eg items, sitemap, rules) from my pc by making the folder where all these files are, visible in windows 10?

much thanks

My suggestion would be to install samba and configure the shares.

The easiest way I know to do this is install openhabian config and use it to install samba. Assuming you are not already familiar with configuring samba.

Sorry I am not familiar with samba installation and folder sharing in ubuntu
Could someone help me with a detailed guide?


Thank you. However , even after following the instructions , whilst I can see the shared folders, errors telling me I do not have permission to access them

Your permissions are incorrect. execute sudo chmod -R 775 /etc/openhab2/*

from a shell window.