[solved] How to embed external web page?

Hi all,

I am currently trying out openHAB 3 and I am pretty happy with it so far. Im am currently working on my pages and their layout.

In my current setup I have multiple tabs with different informations grouped by topic.

Now I would love to embed the web page where my kids can control their audio books. It is a separate litte webserver on a raspi.

I did not find any solution for that. Ideally I would want to add the external website/URL as full screen widget in a dedicated tab…

Do you have any idea whether this is possible and if so, how to achive that.

Any help would be great! :slight_smile:

The webframe card or webframe standalone widget may be what you are looking for.

Thanks… That helped me find a solution. What I was not aware of is that you need to create a row and a column first before you get all the widgets to select from… Now I found what I need thanks to your help.