[solved] How to embed external web page?

Hi all,

I am currently trying out openHAB 3 and I am pretty happy with it so far. Im am currently working on my pages and their layout.

In my current setup I have multiple tabs with different informations grouped by topic.

Now I would love to embed the web page where my kids can control their audio books. It is a separate litte webserver on a raspi.

I did not find any solution for that. Ideally I would want to add the external website/URL as full screen widget in a dedicated tab…

Do you have any idea whether this is possible and if so, how to achive that.

Any help would be great! :slight_smile:

The webframe card or webframe standalone widget may be what you are looking for.

Thanks… That helped me find a solution. What I was not aware of is that you need to create a row and a column first before you get all the widgets to select from… Now I found what I need thanks to your help.

I’m also trying to embed an external wegpage. The webframe card is working, but the height is fixed to a certain value. Is it possible to automatically get the maximum height?

What is actually the oh-webframe in the System Widget Library, how can I use this?

Quite sure other folks will give you different solutions but this works fine for me at least and basic way in edit yaml you can define the height as whatever you want.

    height: 1140
  src: https://my_awesome+website.html
  title: Cool new web site
slots: ```

Widget expressions do have access to some limited information about the display (see screen):

But it will take a little more than just using the view height. See this post for a more in-depth description:

The oh-webframe component renders as an iframe element. You can read up on iframe elements in many places if you are interested in knowing the details.