[SOLVED] How to get an integer value from dimmer

How can I convert the dimmer value from a decimal to an integer in paper white or items? The image attached shows the paper white configuration. The Dimmer\:%s between 0 and 100 is required to trigger the dimmer with the MQTT ESP module I’m using.

Use %d instead of %s

%d still produces a decimal. Looking at the openHAB guide, a dimmer produces a percentage. I know with the older MQTT one can incorporate a JS to perform some match on a value. How might one use this method with Paper White. i.e.


(function(i) {
    if(input >= 0)
	return input * 100;
	return null;

This may not be the right past, but it is the only direction I’ve managed to find exploring the forums.

Here’s a example of the the payload


The ESP needs a payload of


I worked this out with Papa on another forum. Here’s the build post http://homeautomation.proboards.com/post/3782/thread

openHAB 2 Items

//ESP Dimmer 1 Switch
Switch		ESP01Switch			"Josh's Light"	<light>		(All,Random_Switches)       { channel="mqtt:topic:2c214008:ESP01Switch" }

  //ESP Dimmer 1 Dimmer
Dimmer		ESP01DimmerProx		"Josh's Dimmer"		<slider>	(All,Quick_Access,Random_Dimmers,Morning,BedTime) 
Number		ESP01Dimmer			"Josh's Dimmer"		{ channel="mqtt:topic:2c214008:ESP01Dimmer" }

{ channel=“mqtt:topic:2c214008:ESP01Dimmer” } will be changed based on you channel information below

openHAB 2 Rules

rule "Dimmer1Correct"
         Item ESP01DimmerProx changed // slider on UI changed state
        var Number forESP01 = ESP01DimmerProx.state // value from UI slider, already an integer
        if ( forESP01 == 100 ) forESP01 = 99 // catch & correct out-of-bounds value
        ESP01Dimmer.sendCommand( forESP01 ) // send integer value to the ESP01 Dimmer

Paper UI Channel

Number Channel

MQTT state topic : /esp/dimmer01/pub (based on your initial ESP configuration)

MQTT command topic: /esp/dimmer01/sub (based on your initial ESP configuration)

Outgoing value format: Dimmer:%s

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