[SOLVED] How to get .xml file for zwave database integration


I am attempting to add an MCO Home two way switch MH-S412 to the zwave database. Although there is a similar switch already present it does not use the same parameters.

Attempting to add it manually to the DB is apparently not a good idea and i have been suggested to use a .xml. How do I go about doing this? & Where is this file available?

For those who have access to the openhab zwave database the switch is partially added perhaps you can shed some light on whats the best approach.


Then the device is fully discovered, the xml file will be in the zwave folder in your userdata area. The location of userdata depends on how OpenHAB was installed. On many Linux systems it is /usr/lib/openhab.

There are actually 2 different database entries for this switch, with differing device identification. It would be helpful to know which you have. I find it easiest to use HABmin and go to
Configuration -> Things -> [your switch]. In the right pane, all the way at the bottom, expand Attributes . The Manufacturer & Type/Id are what we are interested in. Here i an example from a different device. Do not worry if it shows "unknown Manufacturer. That just means OpenHABian does not know.


Ok managed to see the information you @Bruce_Osborne mentioned but don’t understand how this information helps to add it to the DB.

I wanted to know which of our entries was your switch.
Your particular device is not in our database. We have 4102:0202 and an incomplete 0412:0000

Your xml file, along with a pdf of the user manual the database guide gives information on how to add a device.


@Bruce_Osborne been trying to add it to the database with no luck, the endpoints is the part which is causing me most issues since there is no clear info on the manual.

The Endpoints come from the xml file.
The main manual pieces, other than the description & instructions, are the configuration parameters & the association groups. That information is usually contained in the users manual.

I do not see your entry. Just the two I mentioned.

Can you post your xml file here? If it is incomplete that can cause issues too. Sometimes fixing it is trivial.

Where do i get the .xml file from the manufacture website does not seem to have it.

The last entry on the DB is the one i added.

OpenHAB creates the xml file in the zwave folder in userdata after device discovery is complete.

network_ce7f57b8__node_5.xml (20.4 KB)



Please verify all parameters as I just copied them from your old device.

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Thanks @sihui & @Bruce_Osborne for the support, great work.

@sihui just for future devices to be added. Did the .xml provide a template and the parameters to be entered and then filled from the manual?

Also there is not much information on folder location where the .xml file is located. I guess this depends on the distro you are using. In my case it was /var/lib/openhab2/zwave/. Running “locate zwave” command provided the path of the directory.

I am running the Snapshot when is the device addition available.

No, just the endpoints. Parameters, association groups and general information need to be extracted from the manual.

To find the /userdata folder take a look here:

Usually a database export is done at the weekends. Currently the maintainer is on vacation, so you may need to wait up to two weeks, I guess.


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In the other thread you commented on it showed where the device is in the database. I also asked you to look for the xml file and told you where.

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Somebody just tried that old link. The device Database Guide moved quite a while ago.