[SOLVED] How to graph rain prediction as future values


i made a two modules for fhem which shows a rain prediction for a location. In FHEM i used google charts for visualisation. How can i visualize this data in Openhab? I would like to do it with the charts from the paper ui, but i dont know how to begin.

Until now i make a http request to e.g. the web-service buienradar and evaluate the data in a javascript translation. But how to graph the data within basic-ui?

So i am no javadeveloper at all, so i am unable to create a binding although this would be the perfect solution.


This is my google chart:

Is this what you looking for ?

Nice idea!

InfluxDB and Grafana would be a possible solution but requires two more services.

I will take a look at the source of the nativ openhab chart modules.

First of all, PaperUI is an administration UI. It is not a home automation user’s interface. PaperUI does not support charts.

You do not have any control over the date/time of the data entered into OH’s persistence so there is no way directly from OH to save data with future dates. You will have to save that data separately using scripts or the like. And you will have to use external services like Elias linked to.