[SOLVED] How to install Modbus binding on OH3?

Hi. I may just be being stupid, but I can’t find the Modbus binding for OH3?
It is not in the binding manager, and I can’t get any help from Google.
Anyone know where I can get a .jar file or something?

@ssalonen Do you know why I can’t find it in the Binding Manager? Is the OH3 version just not released yet?

It should be in MainUI to my knowledge, no special jars required.

Perhaps other users with more OH3 can comment

Sorry for wasting people’s time, I was being an idiot :laughing:
I thought I had left it for later, but I had actually installed it when going through the initial setup wizard.
I only glanced at the list of installed bindings, and missed it.

But this raises an idea:

Could a “Show installed” check box be added to the Add binding add-ons menu?
This would be great, especially when you have a lot of bindings installed.

And maybe a search box exclusively for installed bindings?