[SOLVED] How to manage Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3

I know there are plenty of topics for the Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3. I have read them all but did not find the answer to my problem.
I’m looking for an example of functional configuration files (items and Sitemaps), but I’ll be grateful for any advice.

What I did and how the system behaves.

My system:

Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

Kernel = Linux 4.19.66-v7l+

Platform = Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1

openHAB 2.5.0~M3-1 (Milestone Build)

Paper UI
.detail of Fibaro FGR-223

[15:50:25] openhabian@openhab:/etc/openhab2$ cat items/default.items
Rollershutter ZaluzieAdam1 { channel=“zwave:device:9bbec35d:node4:blinds_control1” }
Rollershutter ZaluzieAdam2 { channel=“zwave:device:9bbec35d:node4:blinds_control2” }

[15:51:52] openhabian@openhab:/etc/openhab2$ cat sitemaps/default.sitemap
sitemap default label=“Chabry”
Frame label=“Zaluzie” {
Switch item=ZaluzieAdam1 label=“Žaluzie Adam” icon=“blinds” mappings=[0=“UP”, 1=“X”, 2=“DOWN”]
Slider item=ZaluzieAdam2 label=“Žaluzie Adam - náklon lamel” icon=“blinds”
/* VISUAL TESTS ONLY (examples from documentatin and from forum */
Switch item=Sonnenschutz_Sued label=“Sonnenschutz Süd” icon=“rollershutter” mappings=[ON=“Aktiviert”, OFF=“Deaktivieren”] visibility=[Sonnenschutz_Sued == ON]
Switch item=Sonnenschutz_Sued label=“Sonnenschutz Süd” icon=“rollershutter” mappings=[ON=“Aktivieren”, OFF=“Deaktiviert”] visibility=[Sonnenschutz_Sued != ON]
Switch item=LR_TV_Channel label=“TV Channel” mappings=[0=“DasErste”, 1=“BBC One”, 2=“Cartoon Network”]

Basic IU

I can run calibration from Paper UI but I am not able to control the blinds from Basic UI:
1 / The expected look of the switch up, down and stop has come down to a simple switch.
2 / I am not able to move the blinds in any way. After clicking on the Basic UI element I get only a message in the log “request at ‘items / xz’ for the unknown item”.

But your PaperUI doesn’t show any available channels called blinds_control1 or blinds_control2

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It only shows blinds_control. I just checked the database entry & manual. It only controls one blind. Why do you have two Items defined?

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@paher, try starting the lines in your sitemap with “Default” instead of “Switch” or “Slider” and you should see the up/down/stop element in the GUI.

But I’m wondering about the two channels as well, there is only one channel “blinds_control” in your PaperUI sceenshot. Hence there should only be one item for that without a number at the end of the channel address.

Sorry I don’t put the entire channel list.

I’ve read somewhere in openhab community that if the parameter 151 is set to “2 Venetian Blind” control1 controls the shift and control2 tilt of blinds.

Default not working to me.

[21:16:27] openhabian@openhab:/etc/openhab2/sitemaps$ cat default.sitemap
sitemap default label=“Chabry”
Frame label=“Zaluzie” {
Default item=ZaluzieAdam1 label=“Žaluzie Adam” icon=“blinds” mappings=[0=“UP”, 1=“X”, 2=“DOWN”]

File default.sitemap is ignored and offer other *.sitemap.

That is not mentioned in the official manual we have here so thebinding is not set up to do that, I searched in the manual for Venetian.
See https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/983

The “Venetian blind” mode is listed on page 11, but the documentation is not very explanatory. Getting started with the FGR-223 is not probably a good idea.

Make sure your editor is saving in UTF-8

I suggest a look in openhab.log for several checks -
When you edit default.sitemap, is successful load logged?
When you edit default.items, is successful load logged?

In PaperUI, what default sitemap is set for BasicUI?

And nothing in the manual is listed about 2 channels in Venetian Blind mode. That was my point. The database is not set up that way for this device. If that was added in a later firmware revision we would need an updated xml file from OH and an updated user’s manual to create a new database listing.

Yes, the problem was with invisible characters in default.items. Thank you for taking the right path.

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I used the Venetian blinds mode and chanels blinds_control1 and blinds_control1. Now I can control both the up / down movement and the tilt of the slats.

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