[SOLVED] How to read values from Esera 1-Wire Controller

Hi all,

I’m happily running openHAB for a while and now planning to buy the 1-Wire controller 1 from esera.

Has anyone managed to read values from such a device? If yes, how? It has a TCP/UDP interface. So I should be able to use the HTTP-binding?

They provide a “software module” for FHEM.

As an alternative: Are there other “modern” 1-wire controllers that are easy to integrate into openHAB? My requirements:

  • Support at least 30 1-wire devices
  • Support DS2450 & DS2438
  • Support “long” bus (2 loops at ~25 meters each)
    I know for example HA7Net. But it’s quite old and does not support DS2450. Also I would need OWFS which I’m trying to avoid.


Update: There seems to be some activity in the German knx-user-forum.
Someone seems to be using NodeRed to read values from the controller (which could be connected to the MQTT binding).
Someone else recommends the TCP/UDP binding.

I would like to avoid another service in the middle (MQTT) but judging from the documentation the TCP binding seems to have a major bug :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I managed to read values using the TCP binding just like this:

String OWinput { tcp=">[]"}

However: sometimes the input is cut in the middle. See here.