[SOLVED] How to set cloud notification on a recompile hapdroid app?

(Khal Twend ) #1

I want to Know how to set the cloud notification with “myopenhab.org” when i recompile the openhab android client ?
Threre are some params to change, before build the apk?
Thank You.

(Mueller Ma) #2

My self compiled apks work with myopenhab.org out of the box.
Why do you want to use a self compiled apk?

(Khal Twend ) #3

Cloud notification works ?
Cause i can controle my item, but cloud notification does’nt work.
I recompile for class Project.
Thank you

(Mueller Ma) #4

You’re probably building the foss flavor which doesn’t contain the GCM client. In AS click on “Build Variants” on the left side and change the build variant of the module “mobile” to fullStableDebug.
Can you check the notification status on the about page?

(Khal Twend ) #5

Thank so much. I have select “fullstableDebug” and it works.