[Solved] How to use InfluxDB in Habpanel - V2.4.0

I just migrated from my old v2.2.0 Openhab setup to v2.4.0. Previously, I had been able to use influxdb data in charts on Habpanel. Now, I only see default/rrd4j/n3-inline as options when setting up a chart. I do have influxdb set up in my new Openhab v2.4.0 instance and data is being sent correctly to the database. I just can’t use the data from it in Habpanel charts. Any ideas?

The documentation doesn’t have too much on Habpanel charts, but I did do a search.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: FWIW, this is a new install, not a migration/update. I’m running in a Docker container with InfluxDB as another Docker container, same as before.

Those always have been the options for the type of the chart. Just below it you have a persistence service option: in there you can type influxdb to explicitely ask for data from influxdb, regardless of the type of the chart. If you leave it blank it will use the default (which might or might not be influxdb depending on your configuration).


Thanks ysc. It had been a while since I set up the Habpanel on my old setup. The trick is to select the n3-line-chart type then the location for persistence shows up, along with the other configuration tabs I am used to.

I think we can label this thread as a :man_facepalming: nevermind! :slight_smile:

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