[SOLVED] Hue Bridge + Tradfri: No color with color bulbs?

Hi togehther,

short question: Is it possible to use a E27 color bulb from Tradfri with hue bridge in openHAB?

I got it working with an “Color Channel” but if I change the colorpicker there is only reaction for brightness. It is identified as hue:200. With HUE app no problems.

Here is no code, because I need first a general answer.

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According to Hue documentation it should be possible.

Additionally, it is possible to use OSRAM Lightify devices as well as other ZigBee LightLink compatible products, including the IKEA TRÅDFRI lights (when updated).

So question is: Did you update the firmware of your bulb?

Second question: your item type is Color ?

Color Light1_Color { channel="hue:0200:1:bulb1:color" }

Hey @Celaeno1,

thanks for reply!

No, I do not have a TRADFRI Gateway, only a HUE bridge, which are compatible with each other. The Current firmware version of the bulb is 1.3.002

I had a discovery via PAPER UI and I have a Color channel (hue:0200:001788799449:29:color) and a Color item (category ColorLight).

What firmware is required?



From other topics here:


1.3.002 is not running.

1.3.009 is running.

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Okay, then I have to buy a gateway to update them.
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