[SOLVED] Hue Light Sensor - Channel not updating

Hi all,

I am using two Hue Motion/Light-Level sensors in my corridor.

I am using the switch-channel “dark” which “indicates whether the light level is below the darkness threshold or not”.

This channel compares the threshold (as set in the Hue App) to the current light level, given by the channel “light_level”.

The problem is:
This channel “light_level” does not update when the light level changes.
It does update when the sensor detects motion.

How did I find out?
I am monitoring the “light_level” value via the Sitemap on my mobile.
Switching on/off the lights in the corridor does not trigger an update of the “light_level” values.
Switching on/off the lights and walking through the corridor does trigger an update of the “light_level” values.

Any idea?

The polling interval of the sensor is set to 500 ms default.

Here my hue.things:

Bridge hue:bridge:1 [ ipAddress="192.168.0.XXX", userName="my user name"]  {
                        0106 light-level-sensor_north  "Helligkeit-Nord"       @ "Flur"    [ sensorId="14" ]
                        0107 motion-sensor_north       "Bewegungsmelder-Nord"  @ "Flur"    [ sensorId="13" ]

                        0106 light-level-sensor_south  "Helligkeit-Süd"       @ "Flur"    [ sensorId="18" ]
                        0107 motion-sensor_south       "Bewegungsmelder-Süd"  @ "Flur"    [ sensorId="17" ]

And the items:

//Switchgroups Sensors
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) CorridorMotionSensor
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) CorridorLightlevelSensorDark

// Sensor Corridor North
Switch   CorridorMotionSensorPresence_north (CorridorMotionSensor)     { channel="hue:0107:1:motion-sensor_north:presence" }
Number CorridorLightLevelSensorLightLevel_north { channel="hue:0106:1:light-level-sensor_north:light_level" }
Switch   CorridorLightlevelSensorDark_north (CorridorLightlevelSensorDark) { channel="hue:0106:1:light-level-sensor_north:dark" }

// Sensor Corridor South
Switch   CorridorMotionSensorPresence_south (CorridorMotionSensor)    { channel="hue:0107:1:motion-sensor_south:presence" }
Number CorridorLightLevelSensorLightLevel_south { channel="hue:0106:1:light-level-sensor_south:light_level" }
Switch   CorridorLightlevelSensorDark_south (CorridorLightlevelSensorDark) { channel="hue:0106:1:light-level-sensor_south:dark" }


My light sensor is getting updates every 5 minutes. I think it’s the default value.

Maybe your “Sensor State” (in german: “Sensor Status”) is not activated?

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Hi Alex,
I just found that out myself, too.
Thank you.

That changes my problem.

Will try a few things.

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