[SOLVED] Hue Trip Away Routine

In the Philips Hue hub / app there is a routine called “Trip Away” which, if turned on, will randomly turn on lights to simulate a person being in the home.

=> Is there any way to turn on this routine from within OpenHAB?

Reason is that I would like to have a master “going away” switch Item that sets the lighting, heating, blinds etc. into away mode.

I don’t think that the binding supports this, but you could call the bridge API with a http request in a rule maybe.

I am doing this for my configured light scenes too and it works very smooth.
You just have to find out if there is an API endpoint existing for this.

I could have a look when I am at my PC. I have a test setup for those calls in postman.

You can implement this inside oh if all else fails. Search the forum and you will find lots of ways to do it. I prefer the approach that uses persistence and when the away Switch is on plays back what ever state the lights were in 7 days ago.

In my mind this is better than random because it behave more like it would when you are home. Random can stick out as much as all off.

Hi @Confectrician many thanks for the response. However it seems a rather complex solution so I decided to use the suggestion of @rlkoshak – many thanks to you too.

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