[SOLVED] I am a beginner , How is this going

I added this Things , But always shows an error

Username has been entered
so , how to solve this problem!

Did you press the pairing button on your HUE bridge ???

The Hue bridge is discovered through UPnP in the local network. Once it is added as a Thing, its authentication button (in the middle) needs to be pressed in order to authorize the binding to access it. Once the binding is authorized, it automatically reads all devices that are set up on the Hue bridge and puts them in the Inbox
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no…I forgot, I try

I am connected, thank you again.

Ok, so I marked this as solved.
Please do us a favour and use more meaninfull headlines for your questions.
In the particular case, something like “Can’t connect to HUE bridge” would have been a better choice.


Ok, I see , You are my idol!

excuse me , image

I want to connect to a gateway that Openhab does not support

what should I do。。。

See my last post. Open a new post with a meaningfull headline and ask you question detailed.

emmm… sorry,My English is too bad ,Don’t quite understand what you mean
Do you mean let me write a new post?

Yes, thats what I was asking for, but found your other post just now and answered there.