Solved: Icloud binding : coordinates missing in sitemep but not in paper UI

Hi all

binding seems to work fine but coordinates are missing

coordinate do work in paperUI

Hardware Pi 4 runnning 2.5.7

        Frame item=iCloud_Group {
            Text item=Bozidar_BatteryStatus
            Text item=Bozidar_BatteryLevel
            Text item=Bozidar_Home
            Text item=Bozidar_LocationAccuracy
            Text item=Bozidar_LocationLastUpdate
            Switch item=Bozidar_FindMyPhone mappings=[ ON="Find!" ]
            Switch item=Bozidar_Refresh mappings=[ REFRESH='Refresh now' ]
            // Mapview for Basic UI and Applications (Android/iOS)
            Mapview item=Bozidar_Location height=10

Group    iCloud_Group "iPhone"

String   Bozidar_BatteryStatus             "Battery Status [%s]" <battery> (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:batteryStatus"}
Number   Bozidar_BatteryLevel              "Battery Level [%d %%]"   <battery> (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:batteryLevel"}
Switch   Bozidar_FindMyPhone               "Trigger Find My iPhone"           (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:findMyPhone", autoupdate="false"}
Switch   Bozidar_Refresh                   "Force iPhone Refresh"             (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:location", autoupdate="false"}
Location Bozidar_Location                  "Coordinates"                      (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:location"}
Number   Bozidar_LocationAccuracy          "Coordinates Accuracy [%.0f m]"    (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:device:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:locationAccuracy"}
DateTime Bozidar_LocationLastUpdate        "Last Update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY, %1$tH:%1$tM]" <time> (iCloud_Group) {channel="icloud:Bozidar:Bozidar_iphone:locationLastUpdate"}
Switch   Bozidar_Home                      "Phone Home"            <presence> (iCloud_Group)

You did not set up the label for displaying anything besides the string “Coordinates”, compare the other labels.

thx for answering.

Although my real issue was not the showing of coordinates ,but the map showing current location, and that actually work now…

Now were are at it.

I am really not sure what is missing for my Text item=Bozidar_LocationLastUpdate

Actualy I’m not sure if a Location item would show its state as alphanumeric, other items do show such if the label contains something like [%s]